How to Install Kaspersky with Activation Code?

If you have bought Kaspersky activation code online. Now, you are looking to download Kaspersky antivirus software for windows. First of all, you need to login Kaspersky account. Follow the procedure step by step to fix the problem.

Steps to Install Kaspersky with Activation code

  1. Visit Kaspersky Official Website
  2. Now, Login Kaspersky Account
  3. Visit the download page to download Kaspersky antivirus
  4. Download .exe file for Windows
  5. Select the folder in which you want to save the downloaded file
  6. Now open the download folder and double click on the file
  7. It will ask for permission to install  on windows
  8. Click on “Run”
  9. Now, Just follow on-screen steps to install Kaspersky antivirus with activation code.
  10. After successful installation.
  11. Click on sign in and log in with username and password
  12. Now enter your activation code
  13. All done, start a scan of your system.

If you are not able to perform these steps then you can contact Kaspersky antivirus technical support phone number. The technician will help you with an expert solution. If you are looking to install Kaspersky without cd/DVD drive. Then follow the steps given below.

How to install Kaspersky Antivirus without CD/DVD?

You can install antivirus software without any cd/DVD drive. You just need to open the Kaspersky official website. Download the Kaspersky setup file. For more information, please read the steps given below and follow them step by step.

  1. Visit Kaspersky Antivirus official Website
  2. Download the Kasperksy setup file
  3. Double click on downloaded file
  4. Click on Run
  5. Just follow the on-screen steps
  6. All done, Kaspersky antivirus installed properly.

How To Activate Kaspersky Total Security New Version

kaspersky total security – Ransomware is a kind of Trojan that mutates user data on a victim’s device, in a way that the victim can no longer use the data or completely run the device. Once the data has been “taken hostage” (blocked or encrypted), the user encounters a ransom request.

The latter reveals the victim to send the negligent money; on receipt of this, the cybercriminal guarantees to transfer a record to the victim to restore the data or restore the device performance.

Be safeguarded with Kaspersky Total Security Latest Version

Well, the validity period of an activation code purchased via subscription service begins from the time it was purchased.

Beginning from the date of purchase, the value of money stipulated in the subscription terms and conditions is monthly charged to the account defined while buying the subscription code.

The activation code bought via subscription service is reckoned to be activated as the main code immediately after it was acquired. For activation, heed these actions:

Step 1 : Eliminate the current code through the application interface.

The validity period of a present code does not halt after the code is dismissed from the application. Prior to the expiry of the validity period of the code, you can utilize it to activate Kaspersky  Antivirus Total Security  on another computer.

  • Open Kaspersky Total Security.
  • And in the lower-right corner of the main application window, you’re to click License.
  • Further, Click on the  (cross) icon to the right from the activation key.
  • In the Attention! window, provide the password if you have password-protected the application settings. Subsequently, click on the Remove key button.

kaspersky activation code

Step 2 : Now, activate the application with the activation code bought through the subscription service.

  • You’re to click on the  Activate the application when you see the Licensing window opening.
  • Furthermore, in the Activation window, provide the activation code you received when purchasing the license. Regard that the code comprises Latin letters only.
  • Click on the Activate button.
  • Finally, in the Activation window, click on Finish.

How to Activate Kaspersky Products Offline Without Internet Access

If you have the activation code for a Kaspersky products such as KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) and KAV (Kaspersky Anti-Virus) which activate the commercial license with subscription period, the Configuration Wizard will require user to activate online. For offline computer system without Internet connection or do not have Internet access, here’s the workaround to activate and unlock Kaspersky product without going online.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (IE6 or IE7) web browser, and go to Kaspersky Lab Online Activation Center:


  1. Enter the activation code in the field’s space on the web page. Leave the “Customer ID” and “Password” field blank.
  2. Click Next.
  3. A license key file will be generated. Click on the Download Key to download the license reg key for your Kaspersky product.
  4. The downloaded license key file is in .ZIP format. Unpack the zipped file to get a file has the name in the format of 0XXXXXXX.key.
  5. There are two methods of using the license registration key file to activate the Kaspersky offline:
    1. After installation, in the Configuration Wizard, select Activate using the key file, and the select the license key file extracted to activate the software.
    2. Copy the license key file to the Kaspersky setup installer temporary installation files folder, and then start the setup manually.